Colby’s Child by Patricia Watters

Colby’s Child by Patricia Watters

Rated 3 out of 5 White Roses.

Content rated with the Pale Pink Rose.

Jenny MacDonald knows that Jason Colby is nothing more than a con artist. He may have fooled the whole town into thinking he’s a saint but she knows better! He’s the man responsible for her husband’s death. It doesn’t matter if the way he acts is contrary to how her husband described him. His kindness is not fooling her! Neither is his good looks…

Jason knows what kind of a man he is and he knows that he doesn’t deserve a woman like Jenny MacDonald. He just can’t let her know the truth about her husband and how he really died. The fact that he wants Jenny has no bearing on the situation, he can’t have her. His past will never let him have the future he really wants.

Now here’s my humble opinion…

Even though I liked this story, I still couldn’t help but get aggravated with our hero. He wants to be with Jenny, he technically is with Jenny but he can’t keep her. His stubborn attitude bordered on the ridiculous. In fact, if he simply shared the truth with Jenny when he had the opportunity it would have saved them both a lot of heartache and trial. It woudl have also saved the reader, that is me, from constantly thinking, “Are you serious, man?” But if he had done that, then we, the readers, would be left without a story.

Colby’s Child was still pleasant and even had touching moments where I felt the pain of the characters in the story. It just focused so much on Jenny wanting to make a relationship between them work while Jason kept putting her off and not giving her a real reason why beyond that she deserved better. The truth, when it was revealed, made me think, “That’s it? That’s the reason you pushed the love of your life away?” And as nice as the premiss of the story was, with an alpha who thought he didn’t deserve the love of a good woman, it didn’t have much of a plot beyond that.

Don’t Forget To Smell The Flowers,

The Rose Courtesan


Colby’s Child sold by Amazon Kindle May 2011.

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