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Would you like the Book Courtesans to review your book? Well, we’d love to review it.

Please send any and all inquiries to:

*Please note that we at Reading Haven would love to review any and all books but that does not mean all the books we review will receive a standing ovation. We owe it to ourselves, our readers and the authors we review for, to give an honest review.

We respect that it is your creation that you are handing to us but we cannot promise we will love it.

1 Response to Get Reviewed

  1. Hello Book Courtesans,

    My novel, The Heart Gem, will be released by The Wild Rose Press on 3/28/12. This is a historical, light paranormal, romance novel. The story is about 270 pages long, mid-range on the ‘heat index’.

    If this is a story you might enjoy, please let me know if you would like to review it. I can mail you a copy as soon as it it available.

    Thank you!
    Isabella Macotte

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