R.O.S.E. stands for Rating Our Sensual and Erotica.

Like all reviewers we too have a rating system but ours is of 1 to 5 white roses. Five roses being a superbly written piece of fictional literature that we have fallen in love with, must keep on our shelves and find ourselves reading over and over.  To 1 white rose which may stand for a title that was so sub-par we had difficulty even finishing it.

This is not to be confused with our “steaminess” rating that has nothing to do with the overall goodness of the book but simply notifies the reader of the heat and overall sexual content of same title.

The Yellow Rose

Focuses more on the romance and storyline with very little to no sex.

The Pale Pink Rose

A mixture of the sensual as well as sexual.

The Red Rose

Contains hot, steamy, bedroom scenes and/or more than average amounts of sexual content.

The FIRE Rose

Speficially erotica and/or titles made for mature audiences.

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