His Indecent Proposal by Lynda Chance

His Indecent Proposal by Lynda Chance

Rated 4 out of 5 White Roses.

Content rated with the Fire Rose.

If David Bennett wants to play the game of office politics, he’ll need to find a wife and fast. What better way to show the old bastards on the board of directors that he’s not a fast and loose player but a stable and settled businessman than by being a family man? At least that’s what he’s being advised. However, he didn’t take the idea seriously until Jenna Hardin opened her mouth and teasingly offered to apply for the position of his wife. Then for some odd yet delicious reason, the thought of getting married seemed to be less ridiculous.

Jenna really needs to learn to bite her tongue. She just overheard part of a conversation while in the office break room and couldn’t help but interject a little humor. She should have known it wouldn’t have turned out well when she saw David Bennett was the one looking for a wife. Now he’s offering her a business/marital contract: marry him for two years and she’ll get two hundred thousand dollars. She knows she should refuse him. He just makes it impossible for her to say, “No”.


Well, readers, if you ever wanted to find a story where the hero dominates, then His Indecent Proposal is the story for you. Seriously, “alpha” is too tame a description for David Bennett. He just possesses… and he does it in a way that draws you in. This courtesan can fully understand Jenna’s predicament in this tale. She wants to fight him but at the exact same time she just wants to give in and let him have his delightfully wicked way. Any sensible and sensual woman would want to be in her shoes.

This is an erotic novella so it is a shorter and quicker read. It does however give you a good taste of the writing style of the author and personally made me wish I had more to read about the two main characters. Now, while Jenna makes for a so-so heroine, David Bennett is what makes this story worth while. As I implied before, he not only mastered in the bedroom, he simply dominated the whole story. For it’s price on the Kindle, I’d say it’s worth it just to read about David.

Hugs & Kisses,

The Lustrous Courtesan


His Indecent Proposal sold by Amazon Kindle November 2011.

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1 Response to His Indecent Proposal by Lynda Chance

  1. Litamaxwell says:

    Well you’ve certainly got my attention and, oh look, I just happened to have received a Kindle for Christmas. I wonder what my next purchase will be, hmmm? I’ve seen this type of story before; man needs wife to get promoted, but never where the woman volunteers so I can see where this would get interesting. Can’t wait to read!

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