Wicked Nights With A Lover by Sophie Jordan

Wicked Nights With A Lover by Sophie Jordan


Rated 4 out of 5  White Roses.

Content rated with the Pale Pink Rose.

Not too long ago, Marguerite thought the idea of paying a fortune teller for the knowledge of one’s future a simple scam to lighten the pockets. That is, until a fortune teller predicted the death of her employer and then afterwards tells her she’s only got one year left to live. Marguerite obviously scoffed at Madame Foster’s foresight. What sane person would believe in such things? She certainly didn’t… that is, until Madame Foster’s first prediction came true.

Sure that she’s only got one year left on this earth, Marguerite decides to live life to the fullest. Carpe diem! So when she receives her father’s letter informing her of that fact that while they do not have a close relationship, she does have sisters and that perhaps she would like to meet them, she takes this as a sign. She would like to meet and get to know what little family she has for what little time she has left.

But then Ash Courtland enters the scene. Denied by her father of what is rightfully his, Ash decides he’ll exact his revenge by kidnapping one of Jack Hadley’s daughters for himself and the woman he ends up with is none other than Marguerite. Sparks fly and as they say, the rest is history.  


For a historical, I am pleasantly surprised that this is a plot line I have not seen much of, if I have seen it at all. Which, of course, is great, because that makes Wicked Nights With A Lover stand out. There is no Duke who meets a young impoverish and plain spoken lady and then they fall in love. It’s a young nurse who meets a man who worked to get to where he is in life. Add the unfortunate fortune and you’ve probably got one of the more unique storylines for a historical romance novel.

How does it fair when one reads it, you ask? Well, it’s actually pretty good. I did enjoy getting to know the characters I was introduced to in this book. However, I do think that I like Ash’s character a bit more than I do Marguerite’s. While I understood Marguerite’s personal conflict in not wanting to tell Ash that they only had a short time to be together, it just got to the point where I wanted to tell her that she ought to give the poor guy a break and just tell him the truth.

As this was my first foray into the writing style of Ms. Jordan’s I must admit that I did enjoy it. Wicked Nights With A Lover is entertaining and the tale is undeniably unique. I guess I will have to check out Ms. Jordan’s other works and see how much I like them, too.

Hugs & Kisses,

The Lustrous Courtesan


Wicked Nights With a Lover published by Avon Romance, November 2010.

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