Me, Myself And Why? By MaryJanice Davidson

Me, Myself And Why? by MaryJanice Davidson


Rated 3 out of 5 White Roses.

Content rated with the Yellow Rose.

Cadence Jones is not normal. She isn’t even close. She is an FBI agent for the not so publicized FBI branch known to a select few as BOFFA, the Bureau of False Flag Ops. She also has dissociative identity disorder known more commonly as multiple personality disorder. To be blunt, she and her two other personalities which are really more like “sisters”, occupy her body. But her *ahem* situation makes her a perfect candidate for BOFFA. What Cadence may miss at the crime scene, the other two, specifically Shiro -her more direct and efficient sister, notice and it makes catching the psychos that much easier.

However, her already crazy life gets even crazier. (Is it even possible for the insane to be driven even more insane?) There’s a killer on the loose known as the Threefer killer because he always kills in threes. (Self-explanatory right?) While no one can find a link that connects all the victims together, Cadence seems to have this uncanny feeling that the killer is trying to send her a message with each of his victims.

All this happens right when she meets her best friend’s older brother who not only seems to have a thing for her but doesn’t mind that she’s a nut job too! Dating while solving a crime and chasing after a bad guy is definitely not easy. To top it off, her “sisters” keep making appearances more often lately and for longer periods of time, too, leaving her in awkward situations that she has to get out of, especially Adrienne -the (really) crazy one. Why do they always have all the fun and always leave her with the clean up?


I find that I still have yet to fully make my mind up about Me, Myself and Why? There were times I really liked it and times where I said, “Hold up, really?” The book is made of quick chapters that are written from each sister’s perspective, the most of them being through Cadence’s point of view as she is the main and normal one of the three. Now while Ms. Davidson does well articulating and differentiating between each characters’ point of view, it can still get a little confusing as the chapters seem to hop quickly from one to the next.

As to the romance aspect of it, I can’t really say there was much of one. I mean, it is really nice to think of a man out there who wouldn’t care one bit about a woman’s disorder such as Cadence’s but at the same time, Patrick Flannery, the love interest, seems to be unflappable in his admiration of Cadence and her sisters. Even as she switches from one sister to the next, it doesn’t stop his desire to be with her. While that’s positively lovely, I don’t see it as likely to happen nor as realistic. Even if he stayed by her side and never left, I’d still see a man frustrated as all get out. So I don’t see “romance” as much as I see a man desiring a woman inspite of… well, her being crazy.

Now while I wasn’t entirely sold on this new series, I wasn’t exactly turned off either. I will admit I still have some curiousity as to the Jones sisters’ fate and that curiousity is enough that I know I won’t rush to grab the next book, but I will definitely read it. Until then…

Hugs & Kisses,

The Lustrous Courtesan


Me, Myself and Why? published by St. Martin’s Press, September 2010.


Paperback (shown above) published August 2011.

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