Mad About The Duke by Elizabeth Boyle

Mad About The Duke by Elizabeth Boyle

Rated 4 out of 5 White Roses.

Content rated with the Pale Pink Rose.

Never in his lifetime did James Lambert St. Maur Thurston Tremont, the 9th Duke of Parkerton, think he would be mistaken for a commoner but also play a matchmaker too. Misunderstanding indeed. In hindsight he probably would have been better off to have told Lady Standon who he was the moment she mistook him for a solicitor, especially when she asked him to help find her a husband. But would she be as free to be herself with him as the Duke like she is with him as just simple “Mr. St. Maur”?

Elinor definitely needs a new husband. But the list of possible candidates she handed to James was sadly lacking. It didn’t even have his name on it! Now, all he needs to do is convince her that the Duke of Parkerton would make her a fine husband indeed. Not that he wanted to marry her himself. He just wants her to acknowledge that he would make a good choice as husband. And then he can try to find a way to let her know that he was and is the very Duke himself. Simple plan. The execution? Well, he’ll work on it.


I find that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mad About The Duke. The image of a staid duke playing midwife to a dog and matchmaker to a lady is just priceless and it was executed perfectly in this read. James provides the picture of an ideal hero and it wasn’t difficult to understand why Elinor fell in love with him so quickly. The only part I did not like was in how it seemed to have ended so suddenly. I wanted to read more about their happily ever after and I didn’t get the resolution I was looking for. The ending however, doesn’t stop it from being a good story.

Perhaps what I love most about Mad About The Duke is that it is simple and simple in an elegant way. It doesn’t have a bunch of detractors to distract you from the tale of two people who met and fell in love. Indeed, this book will remind you of the crazy things people will do when they feel the first flutters of attraction. It is a funny, simple and sweet love story and it deserves a place on the “for keeps” shelf.

Hugs & Kisses,

The Lustrous Courtesan.


Mad About the Duke published by Avon Romance, September, 2010.

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