The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton by Miranda Neville

The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton by Miranda Neville

Rated 4.5 out of 5 White Roses.

Content rated with the Red Rose.

Miss Celia Seaton has not been having such a good time of late. She has just been kidnapped and she has no clue why. She has found that her captor has also attacked the man who single-handedly destroyed her chances of a decent marriage and even worse he lost his memory. And to top it all off, when they get away from their holding, they end up being pursued. She has nothing of value on her person. What on earth could anyone want from her?

Tarquin Compton is the darling of London. When he snubs (either purposely or not) a person, all of London will follow. When he creates a trend, society will love it. He didn’t know that comparing Celia to a vegetable would result in her choice of revenge the moment she finds out he lost his memory. She actually told him that his name was “Fish” and they were engaged to be married! Fish! Really, of all names. Fish.

But after traveling alone with Celia, and getting to know the real Celia while protecting her, he finds himself in a difficult if not a compromising situation. How can he get out of it? And does he really want to?


Now, I found myself intrigued when I first read the back of the book. Then I made a terrible mistake when late that night, I thought, “I’ll just read a few pages before I go to bed.” Well, if you haven’t figured it out already, I didn’t just read a few pages. Every time I read “a few pages”, I would find myself making another excuse to read few more until I read the whole book. Then, I found myself sad that the story had actually ended. Needless to say, I didn’t get very much sleep. And Ms. Neville, I do blame you.

The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton was so good, I literally could not put the book down. I actually sacrificed precious sleep! I especially love that while Celia is still a virgin she accepts her sexuality while still remaining pure. Then reading about the conflicting battle inside Tarquin as he reconciles the man he was when he lost his memory to the man he is with the rest of the world made me feel what he was feeling.

Dear readers, I just find myself in a bind how to tell you how much I enjoyed this read without giving away too much of the juicy details. The story was simply just delicious and I find myself hungry for more. Go read the story for yourself and I am sure you’ll agree.

Hugs & Kisses,

The Lustrous Courtesan


The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton published by Avon Romance, July 2011.

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