What I Did For A Duke by Julie Anne Long

What I Did For A Duke by Julie Anne Long

Rated 4.5 out of 5 White Roses.

Content rated with the Pale Pink Rose.

Is there anything you wouldn’t do for love?

Alexander Moncrieffe, the Duke of Falconbridge never loses to anyone. So when Ian Eversea made the worst mistake of his life by deciding to fool around with Alex’s intended, Alex knew he could not let Ian get away with his transgressions. No one messed with Alexander Moncrieffe and got away with it. Ever. But why bother with just calling the younger man out when revenge can be had in another way –a better way? Like in the form of Ian’s sister, Genevieve.

Genevieve Eversea fancied herself in love with her good friend Harry. But when the Duke suddenly enters her life and seems to be paying extra attention to plain little her, she finds her senses on full alert. He seems to notice her and to understand who she really is as a person. Not to mention the fact that he makes her feel things she’s never felt before. But that doesn’t mean anything. Nope it doesn’t mean a thing… not when she’s in love with Harry.

When they touch it’s electrifying, and Alex wants Genevieve. And as everyone knows, Alex always wins.


I will admit, that at first, the story put me off a little bit when it kept referring to Alex’s age as he is significantly older than Genevieve. But when it got past that to the point where the two started to interact, I was able to put my hesitancy aside as I was able to actually watch their story come alive. The chemistry between the two of them can practically be felt from each page. And watching them become aware of what they feel just made it all better.

This courtesan especially loved to read about the infamous Alexander Moncrieffe. There are men who are masterful and Ms. Long has definitely captured that with her hero. He’s a much more than a man’s man, he’s the man. Many stories out there focus so much on the heroine while the only focus on the hero is when he comes to realize what the heroine knew all along. Well, What I Did For A Duke puts all those stories to shame.

Hugs & Kisses Everyone!

The Lustrous Courtesan


What I Did For a Duke: Pennyroyal Green Series published by Avon Romance, February 2011.

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